Recently, more and more people are engaging in the trade and economic, financial ratios or using different services, the interests of the object of consumption “halal” standards.

The global market for products that comply with the rules of “Halal” is estimated at 500 billion dollars a year, and the number of potential customers can be up to 1.5 billion people -.. That is how much the Earth’s inhabitants profess Islam. Passing the certification of “Halal” manufacturers mainly plan to export their products.

However, do not forget about the prospects of the domestic market consumption of “halal” sector, because about 2 million Muslims live in Ukraine, which also have a need for “halal” food.

Ukrainian producers in recent years have increasingly directs ambitions in this regard and strive to compete for this niche global market. In addition, a lot of potential “halal” sector has Europe: now experts estimate the turnover of the European market “halal” products in approximately 66 billion dollars, and in the next decade, it is expected to increase by another 20-25%..

The Muslim population of the “old world” is variously estimated from 51.2 to 52 million. People, which, given its constant growth, makes this a very attractive niche for investors. Europeans who do not profess Islam, see the certification of “Halal” optional quality mark, where at each stage of production is carried out strict control. For this reason, they are in the stores looking for products with the emblem is “halal”.