We have mentioned that the basic requirements for the products in accordance with halal standards are contained in the “Codex Alimentarius”. However, what kind of organization, and what are its goals? International trade in food has existed for thousands of years, but until recently, food products sold and consumed primarily in the same region where they were produced. The situation changed in the twentieth century, in which, thanks to advances in science and increase the storage capacity of perishable products has increased significantly the amount of food produced for export. Today, as never before, a huge party in a wide range of food products travel the world. Codex Alimentarius develops international food standards, guidelines and regulations that govern the safety and quality of foods entering the world market, as well as ensure compliance with the conditions of “fair trade”. Consumers can be confident in the quality and safety of the products they buy, and importers can be assured that the food ordered by them, will conform to its specifications.