To correct inconsistencies, eliminate misunderstandings and resolve contentious issues, LLC Center for Certification Halal Global Ukraine has developed an order for handling complaints and appeals, according to which: Appeal – the request of the representative of the object of conformity assessment to the conformity assessment body or to the accreditation body to review the decision taken by this body with respect to this object. Complaint, in contrast to the appeal, is an expression of dissatisfaction with the activity of the conformity assessment body or accreditation body on the part of any person or organization. According to the procedure for handling complaints and appeals, the Applicant may be any organization, a person-participant in the certification process or a person interested in the results of certification, the right of which in her opinion is violated. Appeals and complaints from applicants and other parties are possible in the case of: – violation of the established order of work; – non-compliance by experts in certification requirements for experts; – failure to perform works within the established time limits; – making mistakes when preparing documents; – and others. If there are any disputable issues in the event of the applicant’s disagreement with the results of conformity assessment or inspection control, sampling, testing by the testing laboratory, decision on refusal to carry out product certification, the applicant has the right to forward to the Certification Body, within 15 working days from the day of the indicated actions, claim, and appeal. The appeal / complaint is submitted in writing and signed by the applicant; may be mailed or handed in personally. The appeal / complaint must contain: – information about the applicant who filed an appeal or complaint; – name and address (for legal entities); – Surname, name, patronymic, passport data, address (for individuals); – the applicant’s claims and the reasons for which he considers the decision taken by the certification body to be incorrect. An appeal / complaint is registered with the Certification Body and forwarded to the head for review. The director appoints within three days: – the commission or the person responsible for handling the complaint; – Commission for resolving the issue on appeal. When considering claims, it is necessary to strictly observe the principles of objectivity of the claims management process: – openness – a widely available and understood for the involved persons process of claims management; – impartiality – the absence of prejudice and pressure when interacting with the claimant; – confidentiality – to eliminate situations in which the customer avoids filing claims for fear that disclosure of the details of the claim may lead to inconvenience or discrimination against him; – accessibility – the applicant’s access to the information identified as a result of work with the claim. In case of validity of the received claim, the responsible executor develops and controls the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, specifying the specific terms. At the same time, the corrective and preventive actions developed should eliminate the cause of the claim and exclude the possibility of their reappearance. In case of unreasonableness of the received claim, an official response is prepared with evidence of the correctness of the actions of LLC “Center for Certification” Halal Global Ukraine “, with references to normative documents. The initial response must be sent to the applicant in writing not later than 10 calendar days after the date of registration of the complaint stating: – information on its receipt by the Certification Authority; – registration number; – the period for consideration of the complaint. The decision on the complaint is made in two copies, within 30 calendar days. The decision on the complaint must contain: – with full or partial satisfaction of the complaint – the time and manner of its satisfaction; – with full or partial refusal to satisfy the complaint – the reasons for refusal with reference to the relevant legislative acts, normative documents and evidence justifying the refusal; – List of documents confirming the reasonableness of the decision. If you disagree with the decision, the applicant has the right to appeal against him by appealing to the CB, according to the procedure for appeals or appeal to higher authorities. In order to identify and prevent the reasons for receipt of complaints / appeals, the Certification Authority regularly conducts: the analysis of complaints and appeals received earlier, the analysis of corrective and preventive actions; periodic inspections of regulatory documents; Internal audits; training; Verification of documents issued on the basis of the work performed; measures to improve the QMS on the basis of the analysis.
Аppeal claim (a matter of dispute) — consent of the applicant with actions of the authority responsible for the assessment of compliance in respect of taken decisions, application concerning infringement of rules and conditions of performance of compliance assessment procedures as well as appeal concerning other actions to the compliance assessment, if they caused breach of rights and interests of the applicant.
Complaint — expression of discontent in respect to the organization related to its products or the process of the complaint investigation where answer is anticipated express or implied.

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Information provided by Certification Center Halal Global Ukraine:
  • a detailed description of the initial and continuing certification activity, including the application, initial audits, surveillance audits,
  • the process for granting and refusing,
  • maintaining of certification, expanding or reducing the scope of certification,
  • renewing, suspending or restoring, or withdrawing of certification;
  • the normative requirements for certification;
  • information about the fees for application, initial certification and continuing certification;
  • the Halal global’s requirements for clients to:
- comply with certification requirements; - make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the audits, including provision for examining documentation and the access to all processes and areas, records and personnel for the purposes of initial certification, surveillance, recertification and resolution of complaints; - make provisions, where applicable, to accommodate the presence of observers (e.g. accreditation assessors or trainee auditor); 8) the rights and duties of certified clients; 9) information on processes for handling complaints and appeals.  Notice of changes by Certification Center Halal Global Ukraine: Halal global gives its certified clients due notice of any changes to its requirements for certification. Halal global verifies that each certified client complies with the new requirements. Notice of changes by a certified client A certified client informs the Halal global, without delay, of matters that may affect the capability of the management system to continue to fulfil the requirements of the standard used for certification. Changes about which a certified client notifies the Certification Center Halal Global Ukraine:
  • the legal, commercial, organizational status;
  • ownership changes;
  • organization and management (e.g. key managerial, decision-making or technical staff);
  • contact address and sites;
  • scope of operations under the certified management system;
  • major changes to the management system and processes.