Information provided by Halal Global Ukraine Certification Center:


  • detailed description of performing work on Halal certification at all stages of the procedure;
  • the procedure for issuing, refusing to issue a Halal certificate;
  • confirmation of a Halal certificate, expansion or suspension of the scope of certification;
  • renewal, suspension or withdrawing of a Halal certificate;
  • regulatory requirements for Halal certification;
  • cost of works on conducting audits of production and certification;
  • clarification of the terms of contracts for the provision of audit and certification services;
  • rights and obligations of certified producer;
  • procedure for handling complaints and appeals;
  • requirements for producer, namely:

– meet the Halal certification requirements;

– take all necessary measures to conduct audits, including the provision of the necessary documentation, access to all production sites and lines, production processes, records, personnel and analysis of customer complaints to conduct certification audits, annual inspection audits and re-certification;

– to ensure, if necessary, the presence of supervisors (Halal inspectors) at the production.


Notification of changes in procedure or requirements for Halal certification.

Halal Global Ukraine CC promptly notifies certified producers about any changes in Halal standards by publishing information on the official website, as well as informing them by e-mail.


Notification of changes from a certified producer.

According to the contract for certification services, the certified producer is obliged to inform the Halal Certification Center of all changes in the production process of certified products (composition, manufacturing process, etc.), as well as changes in procedures that may affect the ability of the management system to comply requirements of the Halal standard according to which the certification was carried out.


Changes that the certified manufacturer must notify the Halal Global Ukraine Certification Center:

  • statutory documents (legal, commercial, organizational status);
  • contact details, addresses and locations of production sites;
  • field of activity;
  • significant changes in the management system and production processes;
  • product composition (recipes, use of new ingredients and raw materials).