Center of certification «Halal Global Ukraine» is an independent certification body providing control of foods, goods and services in accordance with canonical requirements of Islam (Shariah).

The purpose of the organization – to help Ukrainian producers in expansion of markets and establishing of export relations with Muslim countries. And also protecting the interests of consumers of Halal products and services produced in Ukraine.

The “Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Centre does not provide consulting services, does not deal with retail or wholesale trade or intermediation in trade, as well as it does not sell, exchange, lease, loan financial resources, raw materials or finished products in order to prevent risks of Impartiality.

Management and personnel of the Center of Certification «Halal Global Ukraine» reiterate their commitment to Policy of Impartiality, Policy of non-discriminatory access and Quality Policy.

Office of the Certificational Center «Halal Global Ukraine» is located in Kyiv on the 26 Dovjenko street, 10. The organization covers all of Ukraine, apart temporarily occupied territories

Center of Certification «Halal Global Ukraine» is guided by the requirements of Islamic law, ethical standards and operates within the framework of Ukrainian legislation and its international commitments.