On the 16-18th of October 2017 in Bahrain, a seminar was held for the following topic: ( “Requirements for Halal Certification according to GSO 2055-2”)

The Global Certification Center (Halal Global Ukraine) took part and represented Ukraine. The main goal of this event was to adapt all certification centers to new requirements for GSO standards to strengthen international cooperation, also to become more detailed about all stages of certification, and in turn to approve all international standards with their further implementation. The training stressed that the concept of Halal is synonymous with the quality, environmental friendliness and safety of goods and services , also it identifies products and services created in accordance with the principles of ethical and honest business.

Within the framework of this seminar – training , other questions were raised such as :

1) Halal System of Standardization and Accreditation (adjustments, tasks)

2) Financial stability and resources required for its activities

3) International requirements for Halal certification

4) Organizational structure and management of top management

5) Preparedness of the staff of the certification body

6) Evaluation resources according to requirements

That seminar training aimed to provide a higher and qualitative preparation for the certification of any product according to Halal’s international standards, which will give a (win – win) feeling to the market in the future.