“Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Center declares that in their efforts to conformity assessment (confirmation) of food products for compliance with “Halal” standards based on the principles of independence, impartiality, competence, non-discriminatory access, transparency, confidentiality, availability, response to complaints.
“Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Center recognizes the importance of non-discriminatory access at work estimated conformity of products, controls conflict of interests and ensures the objectivity of their actions.
Bringing Politics to the staff carried by familiarizing staff, including attracted, with the policy, in hiring new employees by visual agitation. Policy is available to employees at any time to read and study.
Bringing the politics to the applicants’ services “Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Center, visitors are carried out through the publication of relevant information on the information boards, accommodation Policies Online, social networks and other ways.
“Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Center develops and implements measures to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest.
“Halal Global Ukraine” Certification Center undertakes to:
– To manage non-discriminatory access to services for the assessment (confirmation) of conformity of products by identifying potential sources of impartiality, interest and bias and discrimination to prevent the possibility of threats in mind their own interests, preconceived attitude, protect the interests of competitors, competition;
– Accept protection from the appearance of discrimination measures by familiarizing employees with present Policy,
continuous training of personnel involved in the process, and others.
– conduct ongoing monitoring of conformity assessment activities, the work of experts and specialists;
– to demonstrate, if appropriate, non-discriminatory access to its services by assessing the conformity of products informed and disinterested third party;
– To prevent the existence of improper financial or other conditions;
– Provide access to its services for all applicants whose activities are located in the area of competence of the company;
– Does not create barriers or impede the applicant’s access to the services of assessment (confirmation) of conformity of production;
– Avoid dependence on the size of the applicant or its affiliation to any association or group

Policy of ensuring non-discriminatory access is integrated at all levels and it is the responsibility of management with the active support of all our employees.